Miles: On the Go, Until he Sleeps

This past month has meant lots of travel for me…Shanghai, Beijing, and back to the USA. On returning home we saw our youngest graduate from Syracuse University  (Go Orange!) and the next day we welcomed Miles into our lives.

Miles is a a stubborn, curious bundle of fluff and teeth at this point. He is a bit sassy and a little too smart for his own good. He is just what we needed. I missed the clicking of toe nails on the floor. I missed the tail wags when I return home from shopping. I miss seeing a furry comet streaking around the yard in circles just happy to be out in the world. He is like an energizer bunny. He goes and goes and goes, until he stops and flops. Then he is out like a light for an hour or so until his battery recharges. Then it is off again.

On the other hand, I forgot how much time puppies take; how many trips outside; how many accidents happen along the way to housebreaking. But I don’t mind – most of the time.

So here he is…Miles “birth of cool” Davis.

Miles, the new addition

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2 Responses to Miles: On the Go, Until he Sleeps

  1. Mary Mission to Lose says:

    Hi Jill,
    Welcome back to the US. Beautiful puppy.
    Lots of work, but think of all the exercise he will provide for you! LOL!
    So I presume you will be taking him back with you later this year?
    Great name…as I have mentioned before, one of my son’s violin playing styles is Jazz, and we often hear Miles Davis around the house.

    Take care, Mary

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