The Faces of Yunnan

This spring I went on the trip of a lifetime. It was a girls trip to Yunnan and Chinese Tibet. Ten days and 5000, yes that was five thousand, photos later, I returned to Guangzhou refreshed and inspired by the beautiful people of Yunnan province. I will write more about this amazing adventure over the next few weeks, but here are just a few of the faces I encountered along the way. If you are an artist, you are welcome to use these photos as the basis for drawings and paintings.

A charming octogenarian at Shuhe village, outside of Lijiang.Dali vendor weighing out her spices on market day.


A future heartbreaker along the road to Shangri-La










Afternoon sun on a young Naxi girl in Baisha village.

Dali vendor weighing out her spices on market day.

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  1. Maureen Szkilnik says:

    So glad that you have revisited your blog. Looking forward to reading some more! Cheers, Maureen

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