Sea Creatures coming soon to the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor

I am pleased to announce that the Wetlands Institute, a coastal wetlands science and education center, will be carrying some of my Sea Creatures paintings in the Tidepool Gallery in Stone Harbor, NJ.  I visited the Institute this morning and returned home inspired after a wonderful visit with Kimberly in the Tidepool and an extended tour of the various exhibits and marsh trail.


photo credit: OnlyInYour

Fisherman’s Bane, otherwise known as the Sea Robin, was of particular interest since they have a number of sea robins for study and viewing at the Institute. Also on hand is a very friendly octopus who treated me to quite a color show while I was there, and a variety of crabs, including young horseshoe crabs. I took a few photos and hope to have a canvas soon of Baby Shoes. Diamondback Terrapns were also on display including one of the most beautiful examples of this species I have ever seen.


Fisherman’s Bane, 24 x 36″ Oil on Canvas


It is a wonderful family visit just before crossing into Stone Harbor. The beautiful grounds contained some surprises as well. Baby bunnies were hopping around the grassy lawn, and several turtles wandered through while we were there.

If you are headed down the Garden State, this is a quick detour and a wonderful family stop. Take exit 10 and turn left onto Stone Harbor Blvd. The Wetlands Institute is on your right just before you head over the causeway into Stone Harbor’s commercial district.


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