Painting & Poetry Annual Exhibit

This is my second year doing the Painted Poetry exhibition.  It is a unique event and has proven to be a bit of a challenge both years. It begins when the artists send in a jpg of a finished painting. The poets do the same with a poem.  Then, each artist receives a poem written byt one of the poets, and each poet receives a photo of a painting originally submitted by an artist. The artists must paint a picture inspired by the poem. The poets must write a second poem, this time about the painting they received. The result is an exhibition with a pair of poems/paintings from each pair of writers/artists.


Poppies – Jill DeFelice


This Wednesday evening, at 6 PM, the opening reception will be held at Surf City library. The poems will be read aloud while the corresponding painting is projected behind the poet.  Come on out to see this beautiful collaboration of pen and paintbrush! You won’t be sorry!


Moonlight Dance of the Trees – Jill DeFelice



Painted Poetry article from Sandpaper

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