Painting Season is Here

The truth is I should be painting all year round but this year that just hasn’t happened. In fact, I have not been able to paint on a regular basis since last Spring, and I feel it. SO does everyone around me. Without a creative outlet, I get antsy, short-tempered, frustrated and depressed.

I had so been looking forward to the beginning of 2018 because I thought I would be able to get busy painting with the new year. Didn’t happen. Between my volunteer duties (yes, I have heard there is this work “NO”. I need to learn to use it.) and some family complications, I saw only one or two days in the studio last month.

This month is shaping up much better but I am cold; out of practice. So, I am starting off with some unusual styles for me. I am trying to get into the painting groove and so far I am not sure I like the new stuff but it is the stuff that is forcing itself into my brain and out through the brushes so there it is.

And here it is…still in progress, but something is finally beginning to take shape. They still have a long ways to go, but it just feels so good to smell the oils, have a brush in my hand and get those big white empty canvases on the easel again!

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