Off and Running in 2019 with Art for Children

I started on half a dozen different paths this January in hopes of attracting my muse (she has been conspicuously absent this winter) and in February I saw a call for children’s art for AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts program in their Atlantic City Pediatric facility.

It was just the focus I needed to get the creative juices flowing!  I loved doing these whimsical, humorous pieces.  I am thrilled to announce that AtlantiCare picked up five of them for their clinic. I love how the medical community in southern New Jersey is so supportive of local artists.

I have a soft spot for children’s art. I love creating pieces that hint at a story but allow kids to develop their own stories about what is taking place in the picture.  This is especially important in a clinical setting where fear and boredom sometimes lurk. I truly hope that these fun and colorful works provide a welcome distraction and jumping off point for conversation for the young patients.


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