And So It Begins…

Last night kicked off the 2018 season for me. I was fortunate to be chosen by Noyes Museum of Stockton University for their “Second Friday” April event at Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University in Atlantic City. It is a great event  – refeshments, great live blues band, lots of permanent galleries, and a couple of guests artists all located right at the terminus of the Atlantic City Expressway and across the street from Angelo’s Restaurant on Fairmount.

2nd Fr    ACAG

Traffic was light in spite of (or maybe because of) the first really nice weather of Spring, but the venue is interesting, the staff  very helpful, and it afforded me the opportunity to dip my toes into the waters of Atlantic County. Noyes Museum offers a number of venues for art exhibitions and I an hoping this will not be the last one for me.



A New Season Begins…

WInter has forgotten to pack her bags and move out this year. We had one Nor’Easter after another, lots of wind, snow and icy conditions and Spring teased us all for one day and disappeared again. But I am dreaming of warmer weather and summer delights:


In the studio I have finally gotten the time to make something happen and I am headed in a new direction for the moment. During my West Coast trip last autumn, I have begun a series inspired by my nephew’s prints and the Japanese woodblock influences I saw in works on my travels. The new direction is a real change of pace for me, and I have not abandoned my signature style, just dipping my toes in some new waters for a change of pace. Here are a few of the new ones.

So far 2018 has been good for me. A shout out to Jersey Shore Magazine for picking up another one of my paintings in their Spring issue; Noyes Art Garage, for inviting me to take part in their Second Friday event on April 13th in Atlantic City, and I’ve been notified that Artsy Shark will be displaying some of my work online in the near future.

I am gearing up for the summer shows. I’ve been accepted into the Absecon APAC show, the LBI Studio Tour, the Viking Village shows, and expect to be at Harvey Cedars in July. As time allows I will also try to hit Brigantine Art Walk again.  Schedule coming soon.

I will also teaching oil painting at Pine Shores Art Association and the Long Beach Island Foundation in Loveladies this summer, so things look like they are warming up after all.



In the Groove.

Well, I have been absent from the blog page for a few weeks but it is all for positive reasons– I have been in the studio a lot, and will soon have a new series of paintings to share for 2018. I have two solo shows coming up, and exhibition space in a couple of new venues.

This past month I taught two art classes at Pine Shores in our Foundation class series and I have a beginning Oils class coming up in later in the Spring.

In April, I have been invited by the Noyes Art Garage to be featured in their Second Friday event in Atlantic City. It will be my first chance to exhibit in Atlantic County and I am looking forward to exploring this unique venue.

I will have a solo show coming up in May and June in Little Egg Harbor. Then summer festival season starts and I will be back on LBI for a number of the bigger art shows.

Tune in again– can’t wait to share this new and very different series of paintings.



Painting Season is Here

The truth is I should be painting all year round but this year that just hasn’t happened. In fact, I have not been able to paint on a regular basis since last Spring, and I feel it. SO does everyone around me. Without a creative outlet, I get antsy, short-tempered, frustrated and depressed.

I had so been looking forward to the beginning of 2018 because I thought I would be able to get busy painting with the new year. Didn’t happen. Between my volunteer duties (yes, I have heard there is this work “NO”. I need to learn to use it.) and some family complications, I saw only one or two days in the studio last month.

This month is shaping up much better but I am cold; out of practice. So, I am starting off with some unusual styles for me. I am trying to get into the painting groove and so far I am not sure I like the new stuff but it is the stuff that is forcing itself into my brain and out through the brushes so there it is.

And here it is…still in progress, but something is finally beginning to take shape. They still have a long ways to go, but it just feels so good to smell the oils, have a brush in my hand and get those big white empty canvases on the easel again!

Starting off 2018

The new year is well under way. I haven’t been painting  as much as I would like, but I am trying hard to carve out a good block in the coming months.  I am exhibiting, though.   From January until the end of March I have  landscapes in the Long Beach Island Foundation landscape exhibition of Pine Shores Art Association artists in Loveladies,  on LBI.

Starting on Tuesday, January 24th, I will also be showing work at the Latino Flavors Grille in Manahawkin.

Hopefully, by April I will be posting a steady stream of new work.  This is my most productive time of year in the studio so I plan to be hunkering down with a brush in hand and a large pot of coffee on standby in the coming weeks.

Summer’s End

Seems like nature knew Labor Day came and went and the fall weather has settled over South Jersey. There is a crispness to the air this morning and the herons and egrets have been visiting the lagoons frequently now that the summer folks have become scarce.

This was my first summer of getting out there (here in the USA anyway) and it was a steep learning curve for me. Outdoor summer sales are hard physical work. Long hours. Sales are hard earned. But I did make some sales, and I met art lovers, artists, and a lot of nice people at every single event. I got good advice, encouraging words, and I hear “You have really beautiful work” more times than I can count.

I sold a number of giclees and even more prints, but I am happy to say I sold originals, too. Several buoy paintings in gouache and oil sold, and this weekend, two of the sea creatures found a new home.  All in all a good start, but I am looking forward to a nice stretch of studio time before hitting the road with my sale tent again!