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Hat Trick

For those of you who don’t know, a hat trick is three successes in a row, usually in a limited time. I am excited to announce that I have pulled an art hat trick with Jersey Shore magazine.

Their Spring issue featured my historical fiction piece on the John Minturn and a photo of The Glider. The 20 x 24″ oil also won a merit award at Pine Shores Fall 2016 show.


Jersey Shore Publications Summer magazine issue included my oil painting “Lobster Buoys” a.k.a. “Maine Memories”.  This painting was purchased by a Maine resident and good friend. The buoys are back home not far from Acadia National Park and near the site where I first was inspired to paint them.

corrected edit buoy2.jpg

I have just heard that the Jersey Shore Publications will be picking up third painting for their next issue. You’ll have to stop by again to see which one.


THANK YOU! Jersey Shore Magazine, for supporting local artists and sharing their work!

Opening Reception, Princeton Abbey: Studio Yu

mms_20170605_152403Sunday afternoon brought cloudy skies and a few showers, but they failed to dampen the mood at the Studio Yu Opening reception. We had a nice turnout and many of the guests lingered for the full two hours, enjoying both the fabulous venue and the art.  It was wonderful to chat with the other Studio Yu artists, some for the first time, as well as the guests – some of whom came from as far away as the midwest for this opening.


This Sunday…Viking Village: Let Summer Begin!

DSC_0016This weekend marks the beginning of summer. Viking Village at the North end of LBI will be hopping with about 70 different artists taking part in the Memorial Day weekend show.

I will be there heralding the start of my first season as a selling artist.  The sale starts at 10 AM on SUNDAY and runs until late afternoon.  If you are out on the island, be sure to come up to Old Barney’s end and check out the amazing art for sale!



Nothing to be Crabby about…

Today was Pine Shores Art Association’s Spring show reception. Over 50 pieces of art were included in this year’s show–all of them beautiful.  I do not know how the judge, Joel Tidey, was able to decide among this stellar grouping.

And… (drum roll please) I am thrilled to announce that “Are You Ready for your Close-up?” was awarded one of the Judge’s Awards.  This is one of my favorite pieces from this past year’s work, and my first crab, so this was a really nice surprise!  I have giclees on paper and canvas for sale of this one. The original is likely sticking with me.

are you ready for your close up 300 dpi





Tribute Art

My first teacher, Russian Expressionist Valery A Gueraskevich, was a big believer in students taking on tribute projects so they could follow the brushstrokes of the masters to learn their techniques. This practice has a long history in the arts. Unfortunately, I have only a handful of photos of the tributes I produced, but here are the ones that remain. It is a practice in which I continue to indulge. I never fail to learn something from copying a master painter and I always find new respect for their work in the process.